WEDDINGS TO LOVE - Romantic Customized Weddings for All Couples by Rev. Ken Taylor
Weddings NOW!
YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT! Rev. Taylor will also officiate services for those who want or need to be married almost immediately, with no planned ceremony or advanced notice.
Whether you call it "Eloping" or simply "We just want to be married quickly", a brief, but simple and tasteful marriage ceremony is provided whether someone "stands up" with you or not. He Recognizes that some couples are in circumstances where to be married "Now" is their best option. (Actually, some have followed up with a larger and more formal wedding ceremony for family and friends at a later date).
You may either come to Rev. Taylor, or he will come to you. He has married couples in hospital rooms, parks, family homes, restaurants, and hotels, all for a Very Economical Fee.
COUNSELING If you would like to receive counseling, feel free to contact Rev. Taylor directly. Or, if you prefer, you may choose the excellent on line counseling program Marriage 101, either prior to, or anytime after you are married.
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