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Why Rev. Taylor?

Cou​ple​s choose Rev. Taylor 0f Taylormade Weddings to officiate their wedding ceremony because his weddings are always very warm, upbeat, interesting, personal, and romantic. They are Never "stuffy", "boring" or "run-of-the-mill". Guaranteed!

About Rev. Taylor

Rev. Taylor is a ordained experienced minister, former Church Consultant, Pastor, Hospital, and Hospice Chaplain, who has gained much popularity as a wedding officiant because of his unique and accommodating style. His ceremonies truly are "Taylormade" and Weddings To Love.

He is also an experienced Premarital marriage counselor, poet, song writer, and recording artist. He and his wife met and married many years ago in Kansas City, Missouri, after he finished a tour in the U.S. Navy. They have three adult children, five grandchildren, and one great grandchild.

Most of the weddings he officiates are in the Atlanta metropolitan area, as well as in Chattanooga Tennessee, although he has also officiated weddings in places like St. Simons, Ga., Panama City, Jacksonville and Destin, Florida.

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